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Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical Ceilings

Acoustical Ceilings offer better sound absorption, help deaden sound, and they lessen sound travel from one room to another.

We also offer Acoustic Ceiling Tiles (ACT) and a lay-in ceiling system, this type of system is versatile, durable, and cost effective. In addition, the ceiling tiles can be removed without damage to the system so that above ceiling items can be maintained. Seen throughout many commercial and institutional buildings, ACT is a popular ceiling material that now has a wide variety of aesthetic options.

Suspended ceilings conceal HVAC, lighting, and communication systems simply and easily while hiding the underside of the floor above. Acoustic Ceiling Tiles offer the added benefit of acoustic balance and control in the room where they’re installed.

Acoustical Ceilings offer improved acoustic performance and enhanced sound absorption and attenuation to help deaden sounds and keep adjacent rooms quieter.

Robert Commercial Construction provides quality Acoustical Ceiling Installation Services supported by experience-based workmanship and unparalleled customer service.

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