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Exterior Insulated Finishing Systems


Exterior Insulating Finishing Systems such as Dryvit© are excellent for building exteriors. It remains clean and looks freshly painted for years. 

An EIFS installation consists of a layer of foam insulation sheets attached with an adhesive to the prepared exterior wall. EIFS thickness ranges from 3/4″ to 4″. The thicker foam is used for better R Rating, decorative accents and foam shapes.

A fiberglass reinforcing mesh layer is applied over the insulation and embedded with a cementitious adhesive. The finish layer or, topcoat, is a textured paint-like product that comes in a range of colors and textures, and is applied with a trowel.

Surface finishes include smooth surfaces, or, rough “stucco-like” textures. They may be either plain or embedded with stone chips and worked to create a brick-like appearance.

We also offer drainage or water managed EIFS installation. It involves using a water resistive barrier over the substrate which is applied to the entire wall surface The use of this type of EIFS may be required by your local building code for wood frame construction. This system allows for water that may get behind the material drain to the outside in order to prevent it from damaging the supporting wall.

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